Located between Lido di Jesolo and Bibione, is a unique seaside resort rich in beauty and culture.
There are fine apartments, hotels facing the sea, residence with pools and resorts and the typical houses and accommodation in the downtown which reminds the famous Venice.

… the seaside and the beach.

One of the main attractions are the sandy coast, the eastern beach or “Spiaggia di Levante and the western beach or “Spiaggia di Ponente”, divided by a cliff and a pedestrian promenade along the seaside from where you can get to the downtown.
The crystalline sea, with shallow and graduated bottoms, the thin and golden sand, are the main landmarks of the beach, equipped with all of the comfort to live your vacation at the best.
The bathing facilities are organized to guarantee your wellness and tranquility.
If you don’t want to leave your dog at home, Caorle has thought about you! Indeed the Levante beach is equipped with an area for our 4 paws friends with all the services you need: the Bau Bau Beach.
Equipped areas for kids and animation, floating platforms, attentions reserved for the disabled and kiosks for catering, are just some of the fine quality services you can find if you decide to rent an apartment in Caorle or to stay in one of the hotels at the beach.

...between sport and fun!

Caorle keeps attention for young and sport lovers.
At the gates of the city, around the big parking and the bus station, there is the sports hall, a multifunctional center in which are organized international meetings of basketball, volley, 5 a side soccer and karate.
The flats of Caorle, located in the whole area, offer the possibility to choose between those near the tourist port, for the fishing lovers who have a boat, but also the seaside, for who looks for a vacation for the relax and the hot sun.
For kids and young people can’t lack the amusement waterpark “Aquafollie”, rich in pools and slides with different kind of activities.
Many events are organized, during the whole winter and summer period, that call back  tourists at any time. At the end of May there is the poetry meeting “Flussidiversi”, where the downtown is the stage.
Every 2 years, instead takes place the “Scogliera Viva” (living cliff), when world famous sculptors give life to the rock creating an artwork. It is an open space museum visible in every moment of the year. Other events not to miss are the “Festival Internazionale del Cinema di Strada” (international road movie festival) in September and the “Festa del pesce” (fish feast) in October.
A ritual celebrated every 5 years on the beach that attracts many tourists and faithful is the “processione quinquennale in mare dedicata alla Madonna”.
But let’s don’t forget that during the summer there are many concerts and feasts.
You just have to book your holiday in one of the Caorle apartments, hotels, residence or villas: fun is guaranteed.

… a territory to discover.

The nature, that surrounds the bathing place, is represented by the lagoon. Over it has been transformed in fishing areas and nowadays there are still the “casoni” of fishermen, the typical huts made of wood and marsh reed. To discover the natural beauty and many birds species, you can practice the birdwatching in the natural oasis of Vallevecchia, a part of the wild Caorle lagoon that borders with the Bibione’s one.
Caorle is known mostly for the good fish and for the lots of locals located in the downtown and the surroundings, of which farmhouses, restaurants and pizzerie.
The logo of the city is not just the sea and the clean sand, but also the bell tower of the cathedral “Duomo di Santo Stefano” on Byzantine style. It is often the main area of fireworks exhibitions and musical events. Another landmark is the church “chiesa della Madonna dell’Angelo”, starting point of the walking promenade with the “Scogliera Viva”.
The accommodation can satisfy every demand you have, both if you look for an holiday to enjoy the rest with your family or if you want to spend holidays and fun with your friends.

You can choose between seafront hotels, apartments in the downtown and in the different new built residential areas, with all the comfort you desire. Realize with us the holiday of your dreams: Caorle waits for you!

The downtown: Venice memories.

It is formed by many narrow streets and little squares, that remind Venice. Often the facade of the houses and of the apartments to rent in the downtown of Caorle and surroundings, are just like typical fishermen’s construction of the Burano island.
One time it was formed by many water channels but during the next transformations, they have been buried holding some open space like the “VarroggioChannel, which is currently one of the many landmarks for the quantity of colored fishing boats of different sizes that moor in the fishing port.
The particularity of the accommodation in the downtown are the paths and the colors of the facades. At the ground floor there are shops and locals: “pizzerie”, restaurants, bars and shops of different kind for the shopping lovers.
Walking through the different narrow streets, you can get to the seaside walk close to the cliff, reaching the “chiesetta della Madonnina” that seems located in the middle of the sea. 
From this point you can see one of the most beautiful sunset of the whole beach, between nature and architecture.
Reserved parking, accessibility for disabled, WI-FI, dog welcome are some of the services you can find in the accommodation of Caorle.
If you want to spend some days living near the venetian culture, choose one of the apartments of the downtown: the comfort, the value for money and the wellness have been thought for you and your family.

The beach of Levante: a gulf of services.

From the church “Chiesa della Madonna dell’Angelo”, close to the city center, there is a wonderful gulf on the beach of Levante (eastern beach). Riding a bike or walking on the seafront Lungomare Trieste, you can see by a side the sea and the wide golden sand beach and by the other side, hotels and residence next to the other, rich in comfort.
Indeed you have the possibility to choose from 2 star until 5 star hotel and residence with pool and private beach place. Furthermore, there are different apartments that can satisfy every demand you have.
Comfort, value for money, sea-view, wi-fi, reserved parking, accessibility for disabled and equipped area for kids are just some of the services you will have if you choose to spend your holiday in Caorle.
If you have got a pet friend, there is an area in which you can bring your dog under your beach umbrella. Bau beach is near the “colonie” area, toward the extreme part of the Levante beach an it offers services and comfort studied for you and your faithful friend. Also some hotels and residence in Caorle give you the possibility to bring your 4 paws friend on vacation.
Roughly around the late afternoon, anywhere on the beach, you can see the sunset behind the “Chiesa della Madonnina”, gifting you a postcard’s landscape.
You just have to choose among the several hotels, residence, aparthotels and apartments to enjoy better your holiday with your dears.

The beach of Ponente: the beach between the wellness and fun.

From the mouth of Livenza river, starts the “Spiaggia di Ponente” (western beach), long and narrow but rich in services.
Hotels, residence and apartments are just few of the accommodations you can choose in this area.
It is near the area, rich in shops for the shopping lovers and in bars and locals for who likes getting a good aperitif.
From the downtown, going on to “Viale Santa Margherita” you arrive in a wide residential area of Caorle, where to live in every period of the year, made of hotels, studios, double-rooms, three-rooms and four-rooms apartments but also of residence with pool.
A part of the avenue, from June to September, is closed to let the people pass there and to let them discover every hidden corner.
If you decide to book your holiday in this part of the beach, you will be able to enjoy all the comfort you desire.
Bicycle lane and sidewalk on the seafront, reserved place on the beach with sunshades and sun-beds are few of the guaranteed services during your stay.
Furthermore, roughly around the Livenza river, there is the possibility to get the ferry to get the Santa Margherita port.
Apartments, apart-hotels, hotels and residence in Caorle are suitable to spend couple of days with fun and wellness: choose and book the holiday of your dreams!